Jan 042012

Packhorse - Southstoke


Southstoke - Packhorse sign can be made out about half way down the lane

The Packhorse Inn

Tel: 01225 832060

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Packhorse 51.349607, -2.364596 Packhorse

  4 Responses to “Packhorse – Southstoke”

  1. Sadly the Packhorse has closed, following its purchase from Punch Taverns by a local resident. There are no plans to re-open the building as a pub.

  2. Four years after it closed there is still a strong community initiative to re-open the Packhorse, though a major fundraising campaign will be required. http://www.packhorsebath.co.uk

  3. The Packhorse is currently still closed, however since September 2016 the pub has been owned by the local community and renovation work is progressing well.

  4. The Packhorse is scheduled to reopen on the 18th of March 2018 after six years and a massive community effort. Well done!